Megan Fox Son Bodhi First Pictures

MeganFox, 27, has finally given the world their first look at her second son, Bodhi, two months old, with her husband, BrianAustin Green, 40.


Megan Fox has revealed the first-ever photos of her second son, Bodhi, who is now two months old. During an appearance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ the second-time mom joked that every time she visits the talk show she ends up pregnant again! Megan also shared personal photos of her first son, Noah, who is 19 months old. Too cute!



Bodhi is the little chubby one and then Noah is the one with the lips,” Megan told the talk show host. 
These two little boys are just too cute!

Megan Jokes That ‘Ellen’ Is A FertilityClinic

While proudly discussing her two adorable boys, Megan’s typical sarcasm shined through. The actress also revealed something even we did not know!

“The first time I was here [on the show] I was pregnant and no one knew it and then the second time I just had my baby, but I got pregnant again so you’re sort of like a fertility good luck charm,” Megan told Ellen. 

Hmmm. Does this mean a third baby could be on the way after this interview?