Thailand Earthquake 2014 damage

The northern Thailand earthquake, the first of 2014 in the region, caused widespread damage and has led to seven districts in Chiang Rai province being declared official disaster areas. As of Tuesday evening in Thailand — early Tuesday morning in the United States — the injury count stood at 32, with just one fatality.
That single death occurred near the epicenter of the 6.3 magnitude earthquake in the northern Thailand, when an 83-year-old woman was crushed under a collapsing wall in her home there.

Seven Districts Of Thailand Declared Disaster Areas

The earthquake struck Thailand at about 6pm local time Monday evening — about 7 am U.S. Eastern Time. The disaster area declaration covers the districts of Phan, Mae Lao, Mae Suai, Wiang Chai, Muang Chiang Rai, Pa Daet and Phaya Mengrai, all near the Thailand border with Myanmar and Laos.
Property damage from the May 6, 2014, quake appears extensive. Reports from Tuesday afternoon estimated that 3,500 homes were damaged or destroyed, along with three school facilities and three hospitals. The number of Thailand historic temples to suffer 2014 earthquake damage was10 at last report.
The most famous of those temples, the elaborate Wat Rong Khun, known to tourists as the “White Temple,” was built relatively recently in 1997. Yet the temple suffered severe damage, including the loss of its steeple, which toppled to the ground. The roof of the temple and much of the interior artwork was also damaged.

Hundreds Abandon Homes, Set Up Tent Cities

In the Mae Lao and Mae Suai regions, hundreds of people abandoned their homes out of fear that they would collapse. As of Tuesday, most of those residents has set up tents outdoors, in rural field areas away from buildings that could still fall.
Aftershocks continued to send fear throughout the northern Thailand region well into Tuesday, according to authorities there.
“Since last evening (Monday) there were six large aftershocks with a magnitude between 5.0 to 5.9 and the last was this morning,” Thailand Meteorological Department spokesperson Burin Wechbunthung said. He said that at least a dozen smaller tremors had hit the area.

Last Major Quake In Region Hit Myanmar in 2011

While the 2014 Thailand earthquake is the first major quake in the country for years, the region has seen other recent seismic events. The largest took place in 2011 in Myanmar state of Chan, near the Thailand border. With a magnitude of 6.8, that quake killed dozens and destroyed homes and buildings throughout the area.
The 2014 Thailand earthquake was among the strongest ever recorded in the country.